Caitlyn is married to Ryan and is the person who coined the phrase “shovel rat”. Caitlyn is a dental assistant so her shovel rat life is only part time. Caitlyn is also a major part of the production crew for Snow Men. She is one of the primary videographers and one of Ryan’s biggest critics when it comes to production. You can see Caitlyn from time to time in many episodes of Snow Men.
Tim is Ryan’s youngest brother. Tim started working for Ryan in the plow business in 2013. Tim never liked the winter season in fact it could be said that he dreaded the cold and snow. It only took a couple storms for Tim to actually look forward to the next storm, that is because he likes making the “green cabbage”. Tim can be seen on Snow Men in the latter episodes of season 1.
Torrey first started plowing in 1999. He has lived all over the united states from Colorado to North Carolina. He came to Chicago in 2004 Torrey met Ryan in 2005 while working for the same contractor. It didn't take long for them to realize they both liked the winter and snow plowing just as much as the other. Torrey has his own plowing accounts but sometimes helps Ryan in his business. Torrey has used many different plow brands, but loves the BOSS plows most. Torrey also is a Diesel lover and prefers Dodge trucks.
Ryan is the middle child of nine boys. Born and raised in Chicago Illinois, Ryan has always loved the snow and everything that comes with winter. Ryan started his plow business in 2010. Married in 2011 to Caitlyn who also appears on Snow Men. Caitlyn was his first “shovel rat”. Since then many shovel rats have come and gone. Ryan is the creator of Snow Men and is in charge of production (with much help of course).