Snow Men Video - Snow Men TV Show
Snow Men Episode 2
Episode 2 of Snow Men. Follow the men and women who brave the harsh winters of Chicago to make a living plowing and shoveling snow.
Snow Men Episode 1
The Premiere episode of Snow Men. In this episode get to know the Snow Men and what it takes to brave the harsh winters of Chicago.
Snow Men Episode 3
Ice is the name of the game and a new shovel rat joins the crew as another exits.

Snow Men Episode 4
As one of the snowiest winters on record in Chicago continues The Snow Men are running out of places to put the snow.
Torrey's truck gets stuck while plowing one of Ryan's commercial accounts.

Snow Men Episode 5
Torrey's plow lift cylinder springs a leak and he must replace it as the next big storm rolls in.
Tragedy hits too close to home for the Snow Men as they plow through another winter storm.